Oops !! iPad cannot be used as a fly swatter

Posted on September 19, 2010


Sometimes I am puzzled at the length some companies will do just to emphasize their strong points of their product. This particular one by Newsday to promote their newspaper articles to be read on the iPad is most amusing.  The commercial demonstrated one way the iPad could not possibly replace a newspaper — using it as a fly swatter. If you use the iPad to swat flies,  the iPad screen will shatter.

The iPad has made the consumption of digital media revolutionary and more than likely it will cause the demise of printed newspapers. The iPad will offer a possible viable alternative to the printed media as it will you let view content in more exciting formats and with search features . I supposed Newsday  have make their point but in the process would have angered Apple. So what do you expect was the response from Apple ?
According to a story on Network World a cease and desist letter was sent by Apple to Newsday to withdraw the ad.

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