MIUI Rom for the Google Nexus and HTC Desire

Posted on September 24, 2010


Imagine combining the best of Google Froyo 2.2 UI with Samsung TouchWiz UI and Apple IOS , a Chinese group had develop a brand new User Interface for the Google Nexus One and HTC Desire.  It’s named  MIUI ver 0.9.2 –  It’s full of features you wouldn’t expect, like dedicated SMS and dialer buttons on the lock screen that unlock the phone and takes you right to the app, working FM radio, a built in screenshot function, and a launcher with an adjustable bottom bar, notification shade controls, and home screen changes much like we see on the new TouchWiz.

It’s still buggy and a good portion of the ROM is in Chinese.  The developer is quick to point out that this is not ready for prime time yet. This is how Dai232 of forum XDA describe it : ” Its the MOST INSANE ROM I’VE EVER SEEN…It runs SOOO damn fast and smooth, and they have COMPLETELY overhauled the UI. Its INSANE. Its like they took parts of Android, IOS, added an insane Sense-like wrapper on it..and viola….PWNAGE. Anyone know where it comes from? I have never heard of these guys…but MY GOD its nuts. Whoever they are, these guys have SKILLZ.

XDA guys are now also busy working at it to port it over to the HTC HD2 ( Windows Mobile 6.5 )

Demo video on Nexus One

Demo Video on HTC Desire

Links :



MIUI ROM – features: http://www.miui.com/thread-1154-1-1.html

Minimum system boot kernel:  rom there is no extra app, to streamline the application to full system-level
App2ext: partition can be installed to the SD card
720P: 720P video capture support
FM Radio: MIUI unique retro section screenshot FM radio: Support “menu key” + “to reduce the volume keys”

MIUI network drive: easy to use and test procedures for users to quickly share slide to delete: remove global list support slide

Currently MIUI ROM has following optimized modules:

• Phone:
T9 smart dialing, maximize key operation areas.
Missed calls show the number of rings, the system automatically shield ring a telephone.
Call records show attribution

• SMS:
Collection features convenient SMS
Support for bulk SMS
SMS service provider system to automatically match the sp name and icon
Optimization of mobile newspaper reading experience, and can modify the background and automatically receive the text size.

• Desktop
Program support shortcut bar at the bottom of the desktop folder stored procedures
Original edit mode, easy to add gadgets and wallpapers, fast uninstall program
Free to add and remove the screen, almost unlimited desktop space
Drag the icon mobile support system to automatically extract more production of uniform color icons style icons

• lock screen
Lock screen interface supports preview missed calls and new messages, and can step into the phone or text messaging interface.
Support for custom lock screen wallpaper.

• notice board
Notification bar down 13 key switches, automatically sorted based on the user frequency of use

• Contact:
The most efficient steps to create contacts
Contacts generated picture based on names
Powerful groups, support for mass SMS and set group ringtone
Contact details to view the attribution