HTC HD2 on HTC Desire HD ( android new htcSense rom ) – My Test run

Posted on September 27, 2010


I have now installed the Beta 2 version of the HTC Desire HD rom  ( with new htcSense UI ) onto my HTC HD2. If you were to readup the forums at XDA , several users had feedback problems installing this rom. I described below some steps and tips one should take to have a successful install.

These are my HD2 specs :
Windows rom : Stock Asian 1.66.707.1 ( 76641) WWE on Manila 2.5.19211619.0  and Radio on M

Final Android Rom Beta 2 HTC Desire HD :

Rom details and Download link :

This is a quick guide  to install any Android rom on the HTC HD2:

First to flash any rom, you must unlock your phone. The process is called HSPL. You can refer here how to do it:
( A)

HSPL is the only process where you are likely to brick your phone. These are the few things you must take note: Battery at least 70% charge, SD card and Sim card must be taken out – usually bricking is due to this mistake of not heeding these 3 factors
Once your unit is HSPL, you can proceed to do the Android port

1. You have a choice to keep your Windows rom or change to another . If you want to change the Windows rom – instruction is at above XDA link ( A )

2. The port to Android instructions : ( B)

I always advise all to spend time reading these links – don’t jump into it. Have a understanding first.

– Make sure Radio is 2.08 and above ; how to flash radio – link ( A) : Flash radio will not delete your phone data
– SD CARD : Freshly format it using this tool at

– After extract the Android rom, look for the startup.txt file in the Android folder. Edit it to have :
cmdline “rel_path=Android”
– Copy the Android folder to SD card, run CLRCAD.EXE ( there will be no response ) follow by haret.exe.

– If you are flashing this HTC Desire HD rom : Have PATIENCE – it takes longer than other Android builds. This is the usual timing you will notice :
After you have selected clrcad.exe and haret.exe, the phone will bootup and display a screen which looks like it is crashed ( jagged broken whitelines unevenly on black background or a series of repeating zebra like white lines on black background ). This will stay there for 5 to 10 minutes. It will then turn onto a completely black screen for 3 to 5 minutes. Lastly you will see the HTC logo booting up on a white background taking 1-2 minutes. The phone will then boot into Android. The times I have given are the ranges reported. As for me the whole process took 10 minutes.

Do NOT ever take the battery out while process is on and be patient.  Depending on your Windows rom , the whole process could be slightly longer. If you observed the screen remains stuck for long time, take off battery and take out the micro SDcard and delete the data.img file. Put battery and microSD card back, switch phone on into Windows and repeat the whole process. Format the SD card if you wish using the tool listed above.

Some other general useful links :

Flashing HD2 :

Android on HD2 : How To and Guides : a MUST read before you try –

Android roms available  on HD2 :

SCREENSHOTS of this Android rom on the HTC HD2 :

HomeScreen and Menu Screen. Note the bottom right button : It now launches into Personalisation

Personalize your choices

Settings Screen

3D effect and scrolling to select Skins and Scenes ( sorry for poor shot as due to shake while taking shot )

Add Folder and Add ShortCut

Swipe down from Taskbar display current apps ( scrollable across ) and Portable WiFi Thethering

Credible Quadrant Score of 1313 recorded. This is however poorer than other normal Sense builds which I have recorder figures ranging from 1515 to 1720

Watch a video of this rom on the HD2 :

Some positive comments from forumers on XDA using this rom :

common.composer : Wow, This is a beautiful build! Besides the camera, this (for me) has the best battery life, fastest response, least SOD….just awesome! Thanks darkstone and everyone else. My HD2 now has new life and purpose! lol

interfreak : My HD2 continues to run quite nicely with this beta, occasionally there is a slight freeze on the lock screen but that’s about it. I’ve seen 4mA on standby with the setup in my sig

longobongo : Considering this is a beta and not supposed to be for daily use, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and I haven’t had any problems so far (touch wood haha) its actually really stable apart from a couple of things. not the fastest but loving the new sense so much I’m going to keep using it until darkstone releases a better version. Looking forward to that.

lemonspeakers : 1) VERY FAST.
3) Fastest ROM available however….
4) Stability sucks for an everyday ROM, but it is stable enough to not have a headache. Stability as a beta ROM is good to be honest.
5) No screen freezes, WOAH! Not kidding!
6) It’s very fast! AHHHh…… =D

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