Another ” Nasir Safar” surface in BTN !

Posted on September 28, 2010


Our  Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has urged world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly to embark on building a “Global Movement of the Moderates” from all faiths to work together to combat and marginalise extremists, whom he said, had held the world with their bigotry and bias.

He said “It is time for moderates of all countries, of all religions to take back the centre, to reclaim the agenda for peace and pragmatism, and to marginalise the extremists. This Global Movement of the Moderates will save us from sinking into the abyss of despair and depravation …….We must choose moderation over extremism. We must choose negotiations over confrontation. We must choose to work together and not against each other. And we must give this effort utmost priority for time is not on our side.”

Meanwhile back home here in Malaysia, Biro Tata Negara (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin referred to the Chinese and Indian communities as Si Mata Sepet and Si Botol when speaking at a Puteri Umno function.
Hamim when acknowledging that the Malays could not rule the country without the cooperation of non-Malays, allegedly said: “That’s why we make friends with the MCA and MIC …..The Si Mata Sepet ( translate :  slit eyes ) who has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The Si Botol ( translate : alcoholic ) who only knows how to go up and down Batu Caves only has one vote,”

What a insulting, despicable derogatory statement !!! I consider it seditious causing unnecessary ill-feeling and inferiority to  the Chinese and Indian citizens.  The police should charge Hamim under the Sedition Act 1960 over his insults against the communities. I am  appalled that a high ranking senior official of the PM’s department ( BTN ) whose primary objectives is to instill patriotism among citizens – can be so racist and provocative to the minority communities.

This horrendous speech by the BTN deputy director makes our prime minister sounds like a first-class hypocrite at the United Nations!

This reminds me of Nasir Safar ( special aide to Najib ) who in Feb this year described the Indians and Chinese in Malaysia as ‘pendatang’ or ‘guests’. He had also threatened to revoke the citizenship of those making ‘extreme demands’ to scrap the subject cap for the SPM examination. Nasir apparently also said that Chinese women come here to ‘jual tubuh’ (engage in the flesh trade).
Coincidentally, both gentleman are senior Executives  in Najib’s Prime Minister Department !!!  The ” ghost” of Nasir Safar has now resurfaced in the form of Hamim Husin.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said “He is not a good example of a 1 Malaysia spirit citizen,” . MCA’s deputy publicity bureau chief Loh Seng Kok in a hard-hitting statement issued said “It is time to put a halt to the arrogance and intolerance of bigots….“As society develops, it is shameful that a public servant employed by the National Civics Bureau which trains upcoming civil servants has (allegedly) used such derogatory stereotypical terms of si sepet mata (slit eyes) and si botol (alcoholic) of a bygone era against Chinese and Indians.”

MIC vice-president Dr S Subramaniam has called for investigations into and action to be taken against the BTN official. He said,  “I wish to state here that the BTN is a government agency under the Prime Minister’s Department.  If an officer from this agency is found to have passed such remarks, it can be construed as reflecting the views of the government.….It will also reflect badly on the government and have adverse effects on the 1 Malaysia concept”

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang came out hitting hard calling for the dissolve of BTN.  He said, “When the BTN can continue its offensive, insensitive and racist ‘brain washing’ not only among civil servants but extend it to political activists in Umno circles like Umno Puteri, it is clear that Najib is facing an open revolt, which clearly has the backing of Muhyiddin,” . While praising Najib for his maiden speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York yesterday decrying “the extremists who hold the world hostage with their bigotry and bias”, Lim wants to know what action the premier would take against the extremists at home. “I call on the cabinet tomorrow to dissolve BTN – which clearly is no more Biro Tatanegara but Biro Tentang Negara – and institute action against Hamin to prove that Najib’s call for the triumph of moderation over extremism is not only meant for international consumption in UN but also at home.”

MCA’s stand follows that of MIC and DAP leaders who agreed yesterday that Najib’s 1 Malaysia was being undermined by his own men in the government’s controversial agency. The latest malicious and malevolent remarks on the Chinese and Indian communities by the Federal Territory BTN deputy director has again highlighted the fact the BTN is in fact an indoctrination tool to instil and reinforce a racial supremacist agenda, which is, for all purposes and intend, an antithesis to Najib’s OneMalaysia ideal.

Based on  Najib’s analogy in UN yesterday, the real issue in Malaysia is not between Malays and non-Malays or Muslims and non-Muslims but between the moderates and extremists of all races and religions in the tasks of creating an united, vibrant, competitive and prosperous Malaysian nation.

The BTN, whose purpose is  to train and develop civil servants, should be in the forefront of preserving and promoting racial equality, harmony and peaceful co-existence among the people. It should be educating the civil servants to lead all races to work towards achieving the inclusive 1Malaysia policy of the Prime Minister. However, the BTN has been shown to be an extremely racist and highly divisive politically-orientated agency to promote the supremacy of one particular race, which is in direct contradiction to Najib’s inclusive 1Malaysia policy.

If that is what the Prime Minister sincerely believes in and wants to happen, he must show the world by example that he practises what he preaches in his own country.

Till today, we have yet  to hear about any  disciplinary action being taken  against the two racist  school principals .  The Kulai school’s  principal had  liken her Indian students to dogs, and told them and the Chinese students to go back to India and China. Similarly the Kedah’s principal had admonished the Chinese students to go back to China.  In both cases, our Deputy Minister cum Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had said he has  no power to act on the case and passed the buck over to the PSD Director General. What a joke !! But it is not a surprising statement from Muhyiddin who consider and value his political career more. Being a smart politician and not to offend the Malays, he had nicely washed this matter off his hand.

Najib must be firm and restrain or stop all such flaming of racial issues initiated by UMNO or Perkasa. He should also put a stop to all the fierce and destructive racial attacks propagated in the media , especially Utusan Malaysia .

Until our Prime Minister acts firmly , he is only an actor on stage – a smooth talker but no- action  guy;  a lone  gunman without bullets.