The MARCH TO PUTRAJAYA by Kim Quek now available for download

Posted on October 3, 2010


On 30 Sep, The Home Ministry has issued a ban against KIm Quek’s  book ‘The March to Putrajaya – Malaysia’s New Era is at Hand’, for inciting hatred against the constitution.

The ministry’s secretary-general Mahmood Adam said the book, written by author Kim Quek, is “not suitable for general reading”.
He said the book contained elements of “baseless accusations and speculations” against national leaders and could incite public hatred and anger.
“Contents of the book has been banned because of the accusations against leaders while it may also incite hatred and anger among the people.
“If allowed to publish it can also be detrimental to public safety,”
he said in a statement today.

Kim Quek (real name Yong Thye Chong) who is a socio-political writer  joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat in 2007 , expressing hope that “truth and goodness will eventually triumph over deceit and evil.”

Kim Quek is also  the author of “Where to, Malaysia? – A Future with Anwar’s Reformasi or Back to Mahathirism?” He has been active in political writings since 1998 after Anwar Ibrahim’s saga and his articles are often featured at Malaysiakini and foreign media like Asia Times and Asia Sentinel etc.

Kim Quek had responded by offering a FREE download of his book  :

The book “The March to Putrajaya – Malaysia’s New Era is at Hand”, which was recently banned by the Malaysian Home Minister, is available at the Internet.  By going to, readers can view as well as download the contents of the book.

This is as it should be.  Citizens of a country should not be deprived of free access to information by the government simply because such information is deemed unfavourable to the regime.

The PDF format of this 375 pages  book ( 1.5 MB )  can be downloaded at :

Read the full story at :