APPLE says NO to Yahoo Messenger challenge ?

Posted on October 9, 2010


Apple’s inbuilt video chat Facetime software is now facing competition from  Yahoo Messenger who has now offered a video calling solution between iPhones and Android smartphones.  Presently Apple’s Facetime is limited to just WiFi and is only between iPhone 4 to iPhone 4.

This was reveled by David Katz, Yahoo’s VP of Mobile during his interview with Reuters. According to him, the free app will be available for both iPhone and Android phones and will allow smartphone users to not only conduct video calls with each other, but with anyone that currently uses Yahoo Messenger for video calls on their PCs.  The app will work also through 3G networks.

A Yahoo spokesperson had subsequently clarified that the iPhone app has not yet been approved. And as expected from the hegemonic and domineering Apple :

– “We do allow apps on the App Store that support video calling on WiFi and 3G networks.”

So much for Steve Job’s lip service talk about always serving out for the best for its customers !!

It’s worth noting that there are a couple of iPhone apps that allow video calling over both WiFi and wireless networks — Fring and Tango. Of course, neither of these apps have the level of mass-market brand recognition of Yahoo, and their impact on a wireless network is probably not in the same league.

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