HTC HD2 : Test runs started now on Windows Phone 7

Posted on October 9, 2010


Those cooks at forum XDA never suprised me. Now we can see their latest efforts porting Windows Phone 7 firmware on the Windows Mobile HTC HD2. Windows Phone 7 will only be officially launch on 11 Oct. Those who had been following the test Android roms on the HD2 would have known that basically the Android port  is a near 100 % success. There are now more than 15 Android roms variations available for the HD2. Every day, new ones are either being added or upgraded. I see the potential of development of Windows Phone 7 on the HD2 in the same way

It is simply for this reason, I was  keeping my HD2 even though I have newer Android phones with me.

Cotulla , the developer says :
Remember this is just DFT team tests, please never ask about release date and etc. Please don’t annoy with questions…Future will show all.

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