109740 online protests to Najib’s Mega 100 storey tower Menara Warisan Merdeka

Posted on October 23, 2010


As on 23 Oct this morning , 109740 members of the public through Facebook has registered their protests against Najib’s proposed 100 storey mega skyscraper. The ‘1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower’ , Facebook page was created last Saturday, just a day after Prime Minister Najib announced the RM5 billion project in his 2011 Budget speech.

Personally I find this project an exorbitant waste of public’s money and I have immediately on the same day blog about my objection at https://leemn.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/najibs-rm-5-billion-menara-warisan/

This Facebook protest page target to register one million supporters in the weeks ahead. If you wish to support this cause, voice your support online at :


This morning , the page had a new announcement , I quote : We will hold a 48-hour 200,000-strong Mega Demonstration on facebook from Sunday 12am to Tuesday 12am.

AlJazeera had picked up this online protest:

The Malaysian government is planning on building one of the tallest buildings in the world – a 100-storey commercial tower that will cost an estimated $1.6bn.
The country’s prime minister says it will be “a symbol of a modern developed country”, but the plan has angered thousands of Malaysians who see it as a huge waste of money.
They view it as being redundant in a country with serious economic troubles and that already has the world’s largest twin buildings in the Petronas Twin Towers.
Al Jazeera’s Azhar Sukri reports from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital.

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