Steve Wozniak’s ( former Apple co-founder ) thinks highly of Android

Posted on November 19, 2010


Apple co-founder  Steve Wozniak is a straight shooter. So it’s no surprise that he’s willing to be frank about the future of the smartphone wars and acknowledge that Android will “win the race,” at least in terms of number of users.

In an interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Wozniak claimed that the iPhone leads the way in quality and user satisfaction. And though he feels that Android is inconsistent like Microsoft Windows was in the early PC days, Android will become the most-adopted platform.

The Windows/Android analogy is a common and fitting comparison. The range of choices and ability to spread on multiple presents a unique challenge to Apple’s model for being the only company to deliver its product. Wozniak admits as much saying that the iPhone is “not for everyone” according to the Telegraaf, and Android offers ore options.

Wozniak’s comments are more realistic than that of Apple CEO Steve Jobs who has repeatedly touted numbers that paint Apple as the leader in the mobile space. Those numbers are falling rapidly, however.


Interesting comment from Wozniak . Personally having used the iPhone and present range of Androids, I do believe Android will grow faster than Apple iOS4. Not everyone thinks the way Steve Jobs would like them to think ( I am one of them ). As literacy improved, more people will appreciate the advantages and potentials of the Android platform. The iPhone is undoubtedly a good smartphone but is not the best as claimed by Steve Jobs. It is good for those who just like to use it out of the box ( it is fuss free ) and do not mind the inconvenience of using iTunes to manage it. Fragmentation issues in Android as so widely expounded by Steve Jobs , I find is a minor issue having experienced using several Android phones.