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Galaxy TAB bootloader unlocked by Chainfire

January 28, 2011


Chainfire ( XDA renowned rom tweakers ) has done it again. Working together with Rotohammer they have now managed to break the protected bootloaders in the GSM  Galaxy Tab’s stock ROMs. The solution is in the form of a PATCH which you can download as an APK file . Install it in the TAB, launch […]

Galaxy TAB : Changing file system to EXT4 and upgrade to Modaco Rom beta1

January 27, 2011


Most Android devices currently use YAFFS, a lightweight filesystem that is optimized for flash storage .  The problem with YAFFS  is that it is single-threaded and  according to Google developer Ted Tso, it would likely “have been a bottleneck on dual-core systems.” EXT4 a much superior file system was used in the latest Google Nexus […]

Galaxy Tab : Flashing a new rom ( RotoHammer JME )

January 25, 2011


Do we need another guide on how to flash a new rom on the Galaxy Tab ?  If  one is new to flashing roms, just merely reading the forums at , for example Modaco and XDA will be a turn-off for most new users.  Most rom cooks write up their guides based on assumption that […]

Paul of Modaco’s Kernel release ( both RFS and Ext4 ) for the Galaxy Tab

January 24, 2011


The great Paul O’Brien of Modaco has just today released his first kernel for the Galaxy Tab ( only for GSM versions ).   According to Paul, he has tested  the kernel on a number of Tabs running a number of different ROMs with no issues. It comes in two versions – a simple ‘RFS’ version to […]

ROOTING the Galaxy Tab

January 23, 2011


Rooting : WHY root ?? Rooting is the process of flashing the phone‘s memory to run  customized software to obtain root access which is only reserved for authorized system developers. Root access means one can now have complete control of the system allowing one to do numerous tasks which an ordinary user cannot , example […]

Dell Streak : Stephen’s 1.5.1 Froyo rom screenshots

January 23, 2011


Stephen’s Froyo rom for Dell Streak in its 1.5 version has reached version 1.5.3 but I still find his earlier release of 1.5.1 is the most stable. Till now I have yet to encountered any serious bugs. For ver 1.5.2 there was quite frequent warnings that battery was overheat and charging has to be disabled. […]

Android progressively and surely moving up increasing its market share

January 23, 2011


An interesting article I have read in Androidauthority : In the past several weeks we have had the privilege of seeing the future. We have seen some of the most significant developments in mobile technology and in Android development the world has ever witnessed. We already know that a number of significant changes can be […]