Dell Streak : Stephen’s 1.5.1 Froyo rom screenshots

Posted on January 23, 2011


Stephen’s Froyo rom for Dell Streak in its 1.5 version has reached version 1.5.3 but I still find his earlier release of 1.5.1 is the most stable. Till now I have yet to encountered any serious bugs. For ver 1.5.2 there was quite frequent warnings that battery was overheat and charging has to be disabled. I was unable to track down the cause and concluded it most probably due to the kernel. This problem dissapeared in the later Version 1.5.3 but I encountered some force closures of apps randomly even though after a fresh reinstallation.

Stephen has since released versions 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 ( with Gingerbread like features )  but I still find 1.5.1 the best to date for my use

The version 1.5.x comes preinstalled with a choice of 3 homescreen launchers : Default Dell Stage, ADW Launcher and Launcher Pro. At first boot you are required to make your selection .

Shots of the Dell Stage launcher :

Dell Stage is a new User Interface  that sees apps, songs, web pages, and photos bundled into collections and then presented as “Stages” for you to access. The version in Steve’s build includes 7 Stage widgets: Home, Email, Web, Gallery, Social, Music, and Contacts. The UI uses a “tiles” format for shifting through your applications, music, photos, videos and other multimedia. Users can add to remove them according to one’s taste. Underneath the skin is still the standard Android looking tiles that allow you to place your favourite apps.

This UI looks like a cross in between HTC Sense and the default Android UI. On portrait mode, you see a full view of the widget while in  landscape mode, the main widget is centered with slight cut off iews of the other immediate widgets to its left and right. I find this design most unsightly. The official Dell Stage UI comes with 8 widgets such as Home, Recent Apps, Email, Music, Gallery, Contacts, Web, Social (Facebook/Twitter) .


Jenn Lee of has produced an excellent video of its features :

Shots of Launcher Pro UI  : Review of it here

Shots of ADW Launcher : Review of it here

Some of the key features that have been added to Android 2.2 (Froyo):

  • Faster System Operations: The upgraded OS includes optimizations that improve system performance through better memory management, faster switching between apps, and faster browser performance.

  • Native Exchange Support: The Dell Streak will now support Exchange allowing Exchange administrators to manage stronger password policies across devices including numeric and alpha numeric passwords, auto discovery, remote wipe, Exchange calendars, and Global Address list lookup for contacts.

  • Adobe Flash 10.1 Compatability: The Dell Streak will now be compatible with Adobe Flash 10.1 enabling a richer web experience through enabling Flash-based animation, video, and games to run natively on your browser.

  • Portable Hotspot/USB Tethering: With this update, you can tether the Dell Streak to your Windows PC via its 30-pin USB cable and share your data connection between the two devices via USB. An additional driver to support USB tethering on Froyo is available at

  • 720p Video Recording: The Dell Streak will now be able to record movies on the go in 720p high definition using the rear-facing 5 megapixel camera.

  • Native Multi-Touch Support: The Dell Streak will now support multi-touch gestures such as “pinch-to-zoom” in a broader range of applications including Google Maps.

  • Document Editing Capability: In addition to being able to view documents, this software update will allow you to edit documents on your Streak using the QuickOffice application.

  • Updated Phone Dialer User Interface: In the new software, we have improved both the look and operation of the phone dialer application. This will make it easier to place, answer, and manage phone calls on the Dell Streak.

  • Support for Live Wallpapers: One of the most anticipated features of devices with Android 2.0 and above: The Dell Streak will now support Live Wallpapers and will come pre-loaded with user favorites.

  • Broader Application Compatibility: Gain access to new applications from the Android Market that are written specifically for devices with Android 2.0 and above.

  • Android Market Batch and Automatic Update Features: In Android 2.2, now your Android Market will feature the option to perform batch updates to marketplace apps (upon notification) or automatically update the apps (no notification).

  • App Storage on Expandable Memory: In Android 2.2, you now have the option of choosing where you store your apps downloaded from Android Market. Choose to store your apps on internal and expandable memory allowing for more capability of downloading more apps from Android Market’s over 100,000 apps currently available.

  • Backup and Restore App: Your Dell Streak upgrade to Android 2.2 includes an application to Backup and Restore that allows you to fully backup and restore your device including contacts, call/message logs, and device settings directly to your microSD card.

  • Pre-Loaded Swype Keyboard App: Your Dell Streak upgrade to Android 2.2 includes a Swype keyboard app, a finger-tracing text entry input method. Trace words or type as a standard keyboard. The choice is yours.

  • Gallery App Synchronizes with Picasa Online Galleries: With Android 2.2, the Gallery app automatically synchronizes with online Picasa photos. Install Picasa on your PC and use it to choose which galleries to upload to your Google account. Users will be able to view all of these photos on your Dell Streak through the Gallery app.

  • Dell Stage User Interface/Launcher: Your Dell Streak upgrade to Android 2.2 includes Dell Stage user interface as the default launcher for Android. Stage is a set of widgets such as Home/Recent Apps, Email, Music, Gallery, Contacts, Web, Social (Facebook/Twitter) that brings your content to your home screen and helps you stay connected.

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