Galaxy Tab : Flashing a new rom ( RotoHammer JME )

Posted on January 25, 2011


Do we need another guide on how to flash a new rom on the Galaxy Tab ?  If  one is new to flashing roms, just merely reading the forums at , for example Modaco and XDA will be a turn-off for most new users.  Most rom cooks write up their guides based on assumption that  the user has some basic knowledge and experience of rom flashing. Reading the forums comments and discussions will also revealed both positive and negative opinions about rom flashing. You will read of success stories and similarly failures with the Galaxy TAB being bricked.  An experienced rom flasher will find such guides an easy task. I am posting this more for those who are new to flashing roms and I attempt to make it  simple and a straightforward guide with actual screenshots .

This guide is based on a Europe TAB : Flashing from a stock Euro rom to RotoHammer JME rom. I choose this rom because it can be use for any GSM Tab ( with either  protected bootloaders or non-protected bootloaders. This rom will not  install any protected bootloaders.

To check your TAB’s firmware : Launch Phone and Dial  *#1234#

Before : PDA – P1000XWJJ7 , PHONE – P1000XXJK5, CSC – P1000XFJK3

After upgrade : PDA – P1000XXJME, PHONE – P1000XXJMA, CSC – P1000XAJME

PRE-REQUISITES before flashing ( on Windows 7 )

1. Download and install Samsung Android drivers in the computer. Download it  HERE

2. You need Microsoft.Net  Framework installed on your computer. If you do not have this, when you launch Odin you will see error messages of ” missing dll files”. Download it HERE if you don’t have it on your computer.

Flashing to a new firmware  Roto JME ver 4

On a Windows PC, these are the steps to follow :

1. Download Odin v1.7 from HERE . Unzip it and place the Odin3 v1.7.exe file on the computer’s desktop

2. Download RotoHammer’s rom files from HERE . Extract it and you will have a zip file –  and a PI_add_hidden.pit files.  It is not necessary to unzip the Roto zip further. Copy these 2 files to the computer’s desktop.

3. Switch off the TAB. Go to DOWNLOAD mode on Galaxy TAB. Do this by –  Hold down the Volume Down button while pressing the On/Off switch. Release your fingers when you see the Samsung Tab bootup image. You will see this image of  “Android shovelling with a Downloading message”













4. Launch Odin3 v1.7.exe













5. Connect Galaxy TAB to computer. I am assuming you already have the Samsung Android drivers installed.

6. If connected successfully, you will see the COM PORT box in yellow highlighted with a Com number

7. Tick ALL : Re-Partition, Auto Reboot and F Reset Time

8. Select PIT  and browse to desktop to select the pit file

9. Select PDA and browse to desktop to select the Roto JME zip file

10. Select  ” Start” to begin flashing













11. You will see the progress of flashing in the Odin Window at the left top window first box. The whole process will take less than 5 minutes. Be PATIENT – do not disconnect your TAB from the computer.

12. Nearing completion , you will see RESET at the box window and finally PASS to show flashing is successful

13. The TAB will reboot – the whole process will takes about less than 2 minutes













Listing of all firmwares available in Asia, Europe, Africa, America  :

Some recommended readings :

And lastly, Chainfire and Rotohammer has yesterday released a patch to assure that it is now OK to flash roms JM6/9/A/C/D/E/F with protected bootloaders. So now you have more variety of rom choices to flash