Dell Streak : Upgrading Radio to 322 and Rom to Stephen’s 1.7.0

Posted on February 13, 2011


After using Stephen’s 1.5.1 for few weeks, I have decided to upgrade and combine the best of both world :  the latest official radio from a Hong Kong latest rom released on/around 27 Jan and Stephen’s latest Froyo 2.2 build 1.7.0.

As this involve an official Froyo’s rom, I cannot use the present StreakMod or ClockworkMod recovery to flash. This is what I did.

STEP 1 :  Install the Official Stock Recovery :
Download the stock recovery image and extract to a directory – and rename it as recovery.img. I coped  this to the same directory where I have the previous Dell’s extracted recovery files together with the  ADB commands/files installed from Dell
Download link of this recovery : SOURCE

Other download links which was done previously :

Android SDK :
Windows drivers from here:
Dell Mobile sync software if you need it for syncing ( optional ) :…mhubdell-1.exe

STEP 2 : Download the HK’ s rom in pkg format  : Streak_322_12947_11.pkg from :

http: //
OR from  http: //

Rename the downloaded file as update.pkg and copy it to the root of the external micro SD card.

Put the Dell Streak device in bootloader mode : Remove the  battery, then replace it and turn device on with the camera button pressed. Select the ‘fastboot’ text on the top right, wait few seconds then plug the device into your PC. The screen display should change to ‘FASTBOOT MODE’. If it doesn’t, repeat and retry
In Windows, using explorer locate the folder where you have put the recovery image file : double click ‘install-recovery-windows.bat’
You will see a message on the Dell’s a successful flash done

Unplug the Streak from your PC.
Switch on the Streak with the ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons pressed. You will see a menu, where the second option is ‘Apply update.pkg from SD card’ Select this option (scroll using volume keys and camera button to select).
When this process completes and rebooted ,  the upgrade to official Recovery  is done

The Dell Streak after this will become unrooted. Since it is on official Froyo’s rom, z4root and Universal Androot’s one click rooting solutions will not work. Only SuperOneClick can be used – download instructions and source :

As I planned to use Stephen’s 1.7.0 build – I need not do this rooting process as this is already a  builtin process when flashing Stephen’s 1.7.0

To flash Stephen’s rom : I need to

1. Change the recovery to either StreakMod Recovery or ClockworkMod Recovery . I chose Streakmod.


  • Download the zipfile .  Unzip and copy the recovery.img file to the computer’s folder as described above.
  • On PC, launch MS Dos prompt – change to the directory where the recovery image file is located
  • Put Dell Streak in FASTBOOT mode and connect to computer
  • At the prompt , type :  fastboot -i 0x413c flash recovery recovery.img
  • Type : fastboot -i 0x413c reboot
  • Hold down the keys “volume up” and “volume down” simultaneously while rebooting.
  • Select “Software upgrade via Update.pkg on SD Card” in the menu
  • At the Dell Logo press the power button and you will see with the Recovery Menu

    TIP : If the phone screen is stuck at ” Wait for fastboot…” :  then try this – On computer, Go to Device Manager. You should see an errored item called Android 1.0. Right click Android 1.0, select Update Driver Software, select Browse my computer, select Let me pick, select All Hardware, scroll down to Android Phone , select Android  Bootloader and click OK.

    2. Download Stephen’s 1.7.0 zip file and copy it to the root of the microSD card. Prepare the install.txt file according to your needs. Instructions and download links :

    3. Put Dell Streak on recovery mode : Hold down both Vol UP and Vol DOWN buttons while simultaneously press Power button. You will see the Recovery Menu. Scroll down and select Update zip file . Locate the downloaded 1.7.0 zip file – press Camera button to select. The flash process taks about 8 minutes to complete