HTC wins 2011 Device Manufacturer of the Year Award

Posted on February 20, 2011


HTC  ? what  HTC ?  – it is a unrecorded fact that the brand HTC is still a relatively obscure and unknown brand for smartphones in Malaysia. Especially in smaller towns, the brand HTC connotes  a cheap China/Taiwan copycat maker. Most Malaysians are shock when they see HTC products being sold at prices above the Nokias, Sony Ericssons, Motorola, and Samsung. Blame it on HTC Malaysia’s poor marketing  to promote it. I’d say HTC Malaysia’s marketing efforts is deplorable and virtually non-existent. Their open trade road shows are disappointing with generally poor presentation.

HTC’s sales of its own smartphones has hit US$764 million last year. It is one of , if not the fastest growing tech company in the world.  I have high respect for HTC products and have been a faithful and loyal customer for the past 6 years . I started off using their Windows Mobile 5.0 devices and has progressively moved up to WM 6.0, WM 6.1, WM 6.5 and Androids 2.1, 2.2 devices. HTC’s rendition of their own User InterfaceHTC Sense” has attracted many mobile enthusiasts to their Windows Mobile and Android platforms. Couple with aggressive efforts by 3rd party developers , HTC Sense was exploited to enable a large variety of configurations and customizations.

So it was not a surprise to me that on 15 Feb  in the recent concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC was awarded the prestigious GSMA Global Mobile  ‘2011 Device Manufacturer  of the Year”  award beating the other two finalists  Apple and Samsung. HTC previously was awarded for the ‘Best Mobile Phone of 2010’ with the HTC Hero.

Accepting the award, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corp. said, “This award also belongs to the tens of millions of customers around the world who enjoy our phones and inspire us each day to create new innovative experiences. To those people, to our partners around the world and to the HTC family, you have my sincere thanks and congratulations.”

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