3 days more to the new line of 2011’s MacBook Pro ??

Posted on February 21, 2011


The present range of Apple’s MacBook Pro  ( with its Intel iCore i5 and i7 processors )  hasn’t been updated since April 2010.  Sice the beginning of thios week, rumors abound on the web of an impending release of the new range based on Intel Sandy Bridge processors. The rumored date of release is 24 Feb 2011.

The rumors has been supported with even model numbers and an indicative pricing:

MC724LL/A-SKU# 9755395 – $1499 – 13 inch
MC700LL/A-SKU# 9755322 – $1199 – 13 inch
MC725LL/A-SKU# 1535918 – $2499 – 17 inch
MC723LL/A-SKU# 1535845 – $2199 – 15 inch
MC721LL/A-SKU# 1535836 – $1799 – 15 inch

Another very interesting update is that  it’s possible the new MacBook Pros may include a new “high-speed connection technology” based on Intel’s Light Peak, with data transfer speeds far exceeding those of USB or Firewire.  Light Peak is a connection technology that  allows one interface to be used to connect to any device you can plug into a computer, including displays, scanners, printers, external hard drives, and even devices such as iPods and iPhones. However some analysts feel this technology will be due probably in 2012 until and after USB3 is available , which could possibly appear in the 2011 MBPro.

http://www.9to5mac.com has summarized the rumors as :

New MacBook Pros will feature faster, Intel Sandy Bridge processors
New MacBook Pros will look and feel like Apple’s latest MacBook Air line
New MacBook Pros will feature moderate design changes
New MacBook Pros will be built with liquid metalinclude longer lasting batteries
New MacBook Pros will be lighter, thinner, cheaper, faster, have bigger batteries

When Steve Jobs launched the new MacBook Air series, he mentioned that the new MBA’s represent a new generation of  Macbooks. So it is highly possible Apple will bring the design and style from their latest MacBook Airs to the new MacBook Pros. Apple’s “next generation of notebooks”  will have fast solid-state storage drives (flash storage) placed right on the motherboard, higher-resolution displays, bigger batteries, thinner and lighter designs, faster graphics, more connectivity options, and speedy processors.

Having purchased the latest MacBook Air ( 11″) and comparing it to my older MacBook Pro ( 13″ Alu ) – I  am confident these new range of MacBook Pro will ” blow the older models out from the water”.

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