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Higher prices of electronic gadgets expected due to Japan’s tsunami ?

March 31, 2011


Now is the time to buy the dream gadget you always wanted. It is indeed a high possibility the prices of most gadgets will rise especially if its  sources are from from Japanese factories. QUOTE : AFP News Japan churns out many of the world’s smartphones, video cameras and other gadgets and while sales are […]

TRIM Enabler on the latest 2011 MacBook AIR

March 30, 2011


If you own the latest MacBook Air which comes with SSD drives, these tweaks could make the SSD drives run faster. The performance of the SSD is already awesome. I have mentioned this in my review of the latest MBA in my previous post. But human nature being greedy , we always wish to improve […]

Google Nexus tablet with LG ?

March 28, 2011


Latest news report by Eldar Murtazin from the Russian site points to an agreement between LG and Google to produce a Google Nexus tablet. This development is not surprising and is  possible as Google has previously develop its own smartphone with HTC on the Nexus One follow by Nexus S with Samsung. Of interest […]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA ARC preview at JayaOne, Petaling Jaya on 26 March 2011

March 27, 2011


I was one of the 30 attendees to the preview and “unofficial launch” of the latest Sony Ericsson Android smartphone the Xperia ARC. The event was organized by the local MobileFest club with Sony’s Eric , Product Manager of Sony Ericsson Facebook link of the event : Venue : The Bee, 2A-G, Block K, […]

USA, UK and France launch attacks on Libya

March 20, 2011


Big brother bully Uncle Sam is doing it again . This time with the support of France and UK.  The rationale for the attack on Libya in the words of the leaders : French President Nicolas Sarkozy of France :  participants agreed to use “all necessary means, especially military” to enforce a U.N. Security Council […]

AWSJ 4 March article on ” Fracturing Malaysia “

March 5, 2011


A 3rd party perspective on the state of racial tension in Malaysia. Is it a storm in a teapot slowing bubbling up ?? The country leaders  has continue to disregard such issues and considered it just  as a  minor issue. The government construed that such actions are a political gimmick by the NGO’s or opposition to create […]

iPad 2 : Immediate impressions and preview from the web

March 3, 2011


The euphoria behind the iPad 2 launch has now subsided.  Over the next few days, we should be seeing more hands-on review and videos about it. Having used the original iPad for 8 months, I was looking for improvements that could justify one to upgrade to iPad 2.  Overall, I am not well impressed, l’d […]