iPad 2 : Immediate impressions and preview from the web

Posted on March 3, 2011


The euphoria behind the iPad 2 launch has now subsided.  Over the next few days, we should be seeing more hands-on review and videos about it. Having used the original iPad for 8 months, I was looking for improvements that could justify one to upgrade to iPad 2.  Overall, I am not well impressed, l’d give it a 50% score for its upgraded features.

– there is no mention of RAM even in the official specs. I’d guess it remains at 256 MB , if so is a big disappointment as  the iPhone 4 has 512 MB. With 256 MB, the multitasking features will remain poor
– Minimum Storage size should have been upgraded to at least 32 GB with additional choices of 64 GB and more
– No software enhancement in Mail which in the iPad is very slow and poor when comes to downloading full mail content
– No improvement in the Virtual keyboard editing , which I feel is a retarded design by Apple
– No USB port

Added camera functions might be good for video calls ( limited to Facetime and needs WiFi ) but to take pictures is just not practical ; maybe just for the on the spur moment shots

However, this iPad 2 would be a good starter purchase compared to the iPad for those who wishes to have a iOS tablet. The first iPAD comparatively is indeed over priced and under-specs  compared to iPAD2. Those who wish to upgrade to iPad 2   will fall into two categories :

– those who always wishes to have the latest and most updated irrespective of features and even price. I have no comments on such users

– those who wishes to have an improved user experience and increased productivity with a upgraded version. Such users I’d say the upgrade is good if they need the added camera and  improved gaming performance

These are some of the reviews and videos that are of interest since the launch this morning:

Steve Jobs highlights on the iPad 2:

The unique and special design Smart Cover :

Jason Snell , Editor of MacWorld hands on : Full article at MacWorld :

FAQ on iPAD2 http://www.macworld.com/article/158310/2011/03/ipad_2_faq.html

PCMagazineReview hands on :

Some review and concluding comments about upgrading from the iPad :


People who suggest this is an incremental upgrade are simply not looking at the bigger picture; the Apple iPad 2 feels and acts drastically differently from its predecessor.
The plethora changes – some cosmetic, some under the hood – have boosted a device that felt like a luxury, to a device that is head and shoulders above its competitors at the moment.
The lighter, thinner iPad 2 is nicer to hold, nicer to use and nicer to look at – and if that’s not an important upgrade then maybe we’re missing the point.


Based on what we know right now, the enhancements in the upcoming iPad 2 aren’t going to be enough to make it worthwhile to put down another $500 or more for the latest model if you’re happy with the current one.
I’m sure a bunch of “early adopter” types who simply must have the latest and greatest will eBay their iPad and get the new one, but the average user won’t.
Of course, there are always exceptions. If you really want to start doing video conferencing with your family or co-workers, or absolutely need a version that supports Verizon’s data network, then there’s an upgrade in your near future.
But for most current iPad users, you should save your money until next year and buy the iPad 3, which will really be noticeably better.
At this point, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy an iPad today. The new model is just a couple of months away — we’re expecting a launch in early April, and it’s worth waiting that short amount of time for. The faster processor makes it worth the wait.
It’s likely that the current iPad will start to become noticeably out-of-date by next year, while the iPad 2 probably won’t reach that point until 2013.

AppleInsider’s analysis why we will probably not be seeing the iPAD 3 by year end 2011 :

After detailing iPad 2’s features and price, which Jobs pointed out to still be substantially cheaper than the entry level tablet being offered at $799 (another allusion to Motorola’s Xoom), Jobs added, “when you add this together with over 65,000 apps, we think 2011 is going to be the year of iPad 2.”

Read the details at : http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/03/02/apple_kills_fall_ipad_3_rumors_by_calling_2011_year_of_ipad_2.html