Google Nexus tablet with LG ?

Posted on March 28, 2011


Latest news report by Eldar Murtazin from the Russian site points to an agreement between LG and Google to produce a Google Nexus tablet. This development is not surprising and is  possible as Google has previously develop its own smartphone with HTC on the Nexus One follow by Nexus S with Samsung. Of interest is,  why LG and why the need for an internal branded tablet ?

WHY the need of a Google tablet ?

– it will serve as a reference point for the industry as it will run a pure , unpolluted free of interference version without other manufacturer’s input.

– it will serve as a good internal tablet development tool and also a base tablet  for apps developers

– Google does not want to miss out on the potential of tablets. Apple had created the iPad , a product which no one ever thought they need until it was released. The revenue potential from ADS is just too irresistible to be ignored


HTC has started their version in the HTC Flyer with its HTC Sense UI. Samsung has its Galaxy series with Touch Wiz UI and is pushing aggressively to capture a big slice from the iPad 2 with its offerings in three sizes 7″, 8.9″ and 10.1″. Motorola has its own Xoom. LG own development in its Optimus Pad/ G Slate is still a non serious contender. I’d think LG will grab this opportunity as the next step in improving its image/branding collaborating with Google.

It is still unclear whether this Google Nexus tablet will be just an internal development tool or it will be released for sales. Either way, LG will benefit with this tie-up.

The tablets war between Android and Apple’s IOS is now heading to another interesting battle front.