TRIM Enabler on the latest 2011 MacBook AIR

Posted on March 30, 2011


If you own the latest MacBook Air which comes with SSD drives, these tweaks could make the SSD drives run faster. The performance of the SSD is already awesome. I have mentioned this in my review of the latest MBA in my previous post. But human nature being greedy , we always wish to improve things further especially if it can be done at no extra cost.  As in any tweaks,  you do this at your own risk. Don’t blame if your spanking MBA becomes an expensive paperweight. Blame yourself being just one of those few unlucky guys.

These are the prerequisites:

– Your OS must be the latest Snow Leopard 10.6.7 – update to this if you haven’t done so. This latest OS was released on 21 Mar 2011. It was a 313 MB download as seen on my MBA

– Download an app called TRIM ENABLER from

What is Trim Enabler ? SSD drives are quicker, quieter and cooler but it has one flaw – drive degradation.

TRIM is a command designed to fix a problem whereby over time the write performance of a SSD starts to degrade to as little as 50 per cent of its original speed. Unfortunately, TRIM isn’t supported on a lot of operating systems, and while newer drives boast their own technologies to combat this problem with relying on the OS, older drives rely on TRIM being supported. Apple plans to rectify this with the upcoming release of Mac OS X Lion and possibly in the next update for Snow Leopard 10.6.7. But there’s still no guarantee it’ll support TRIM on non-Apple SSDs.

TRIM support can be enabled in the latest revision of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.7), but it only works with Apple SSD drives.

– Check if your drive is compatible with TRIM. At FINDER – goto Applications/Utilities/System Profiler – look for the entry Serial-ATA : the model of your SSD will be listed at the preview pane and at the pane below you will see this entry : “TRIM Support” : The value will be either  ” Yes”  or  ” No ”

– Launch the app :  First hit the Backup button, then click Patch.

The process of patching with subsequent rebooting takes about 1.5 minutes

If it is successful you will see under system profiler TRIM  support will be YES

Warning: Since you are making modifications to your drive, make sure you backup your data before using TRIM Enabler. You can always restore your system if something goes wrong.

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