Another case of Malaysia Apa-Apa pun BOLEH !

Posted on April 10, 2011


Just read the below news article in Singapore Straits Times. It just amazed me what the Malaysian army will do for  just an army training exercise . How can the authorities allow such on a public transport system with the common man all around. I am sure the army must have  obtained approval from the relevant authorities for this training on public transport system. Or the transport authorities were completely ignored  ? Imagine what will happen if one of the travelers decide to be a Rambo and attempt to overcome the armed man. Imagine what will happen to an old men who is suffering from heart ailments. Anyway we should excuse them , as in Malaysia apa apa pun BOLEH

Source :

SINGAPOREAN family travelling home from Malaysia on a Malayan Railway (KTM) train last Thursday thought their lives were in peril when a gunman boarded the train and threatened passengers.

They found out later that the ambush was part of an army training exercise.

The New Paper reported that Mr Peter Tan, 50, his wife Yvonne Ong, 40, and their four-year-old son Chun Xiang had boarded a KTM train in Pahang state at 2.45pm after visiting relatives.

The train was approaching Gemas Railway Station in Negeri Sembilan state at around 6pm when a man wearing a blond wig and sunglasses entered the carriage the family was in.
He then pointed a gun at the roof and shouted in Malay for passengers to place their hands behind their heads. At one point, the gunman pointed his firearm at Mr Tan’s head.
‘I initially thought that it was a robbery and I was prepared to give him everything for the safety of my family,’ Mr Tan, an electrician, told The New Paper.

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