HTC Sensation – more hands on videos from 12 April London event launch

Posted on April 13, 2011


Within hours of its announcement, most major gadgets sites has put up videos of their impressions and hands on. I must say the new HTC sense 3.0 UI is awesome with its new various tweaks to the company’s UI, including customizable lock screens, 3D transitions and an improved weather app. Expect to see more coming up within these two days.  This new smartphone will pose a serious challenger to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II which will be on sale after May 1.  These  are some of the significant videos I have found googling around:

Launch events highlights :

HTC unveils HTC Sensation, a multimedia superphone — a premium unibody aluminum design with true widescreen qHD display, rich high-fidelity audio, advanced entertainment capabilities with HTC Watch, full HD video recording, instant capture camera and an immersive HTC Sense experience that sets a new multimedia high for smartphones. Highlights of launch event in London on April 12, 2011 with Florian Seiche, President of HTC Europe and Philip Blair, VP of Products and Services

Engadget :

The new lock screen is perhaps the biggest (it’s certainly the most immediately apparent) change in the Sense UI that comes with the Sensation. HTC describes now describes it as “smart,” because it can both serve you with live information, like weather and those all-important stock prices, and also lets you unlock straight into an app by dragging its link into an unlocking circle. Frankly, we used the functionality so much that we almost forgot how to unlock the phone “normally.” It’s something the Inq Cloud Touch and other lower-end Android devices have previously exhibited, and a feature we really, truly appreciate.


Get a close up look at hands on photos showing off the new unibody HTC Sensation 4G, a blazing fast phone that features the all new HTC Sense 3.0. Personally, I am not a fan of the current HTC Sense, but this new one looks much more polished and less like an old Windows Mobile design. It has a nice 8MP camera on the back and dual LED flashes to capture anything that roams around in the dark. Coming Spring/Summer 2011

Expansys :

The guys from HTC present the new Sensation Android smartphone at the EXPANSYS stand during the Gadget Show Live, only an hour after it was officially announced!

A quick play with the new HTC Sensation showing the new Watch app and the spinning of the homepages

A quick play with the HTC Sensation looking at the new lock screen options – including the settings to configure the apps you can unlock too