Microsoft mobile iE9 will blow away Apple’s and Android’s browser

Posted on April 14, 2011


I saw this tweet on my phone early this morning :
Android Central :
Microsoft claims its next major OS update will blow away Android browsing

My immediate thought was Steve Balmer , Microsoft CEO is at his wacky and cranky forecasts again. I never had a good impression of Balmer as a CEO but this bit of tweet was of interest. So I browse over and this is what I am now being informed about Microsoft’s development. This demo was shown  by Microsoft VP of Windows Phone Program Management Joe Belfiore at  Microsoft’s MIX developer conference today in Las Vegas. And it is showing Mobile iE9 will  blow the Nexus S and iPhone 4 out of the water.

Well, iphone fanboys will be terribly unhappy , losing out so badly even with a 1-2 sec headstart. I am sure Steve Jobs will not take this lying down.

But seriously, you can called me a sceptic but several immediate doubts/queries pop up after seeing this demo :

1. The HTML5 demoed is being optimized on Microsoft platform unlike Apple’s iOS or Android

2. Not all websites or HTML5 apps will have such a difference in results. Other factors such as hardware acceleration and memory available will affect end results

3. The demo is just another PR exercise to tell everyone that Microsoft is still kicking and very much alive in the mobile business and just ” don’t write us off yet ”

As a consumer, we like these type of competition as we will get to enjoy the best solutions.

Share with you , how Balmer behave as a CEO – call me traditional ; I think he make a fool of himself only