Rooting and installing CWM for the Samsung Galaxy Note

Posted on November 13, 2011


This is what I have done to date,  tweaking the Galaxy Note

Original Firmware info :

PDA : N7000XXKJ4
Phone: N7000XXKJ4

Installing CWM and Rooting – Stage 1: This step can be done on any kernel version

1. Use Odin 1.85 to flash netchip kernel : select the tar file as PDA in Odin. This step will create the ClockworkMod recovery v

2. Download the SuperUser zip file . Copy this zip file into internal SD card of phone

3. Switch off phone. Boot into recovery mode ( Press Vol Up+Home+Power simultaneously ) – release the 3 buttons after the second screen splash of Galaxy Note N7000

4. From recovery , select “Install zip from SDcard” , choose zip from SDCard – scroll to and select the SuperUserzip file

Phone will reboot with “Yellow triangle” with phone rooted and recovery installed

Stage 2 : Upgrading CWM using Chainfire kernel :

I decided to upgrade the CWM to Chainfire as his kernel is more reputable and it offers more functionality and his version of CWM as an app will be installed too

– Download the  “” and extract it
– Download the CF-Root kernels based on KJ4 , and extract it (repeat) until  end up with a zImage file
– Place the zImage file from the CF-Root kernel in the zImage folder from InitialRootFlasher
– Start “already-rooted-yet.bat” and follow the instructions

After reboot, phone will be rooted, with Chainfire CWM and a CWM app being installed

Stage 3 : Flashing and upgrading rom to Android 2.3.6, Hong Kong rom N7000ZSKK1

Download rom at here  . The file name downloaded is N7000ZSKK1.bin

1. Rename downloaded file   to ‘N7000ZSKK1_ROM.exe’ and extract it using ‘7zip’.
2. Copy the extracted file (‘’) to the phone built-in SD card root directory.
3. Turn off the phone and hold the Volume Up + HOME + POWER button on the phone to enter CWM Recovery mode.
4. Select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and confirm.
5. Select ‘choose zip from internal sdcard’ and confirm.
6. Find ‘’ and confirm.
7. Select yes to confirm flashing ‘’.
8. When flashing is finished, press the return key to return to the main menu.
9. Select ‘reboot system now’ to restart your phone

Phone firmware change to:

PDA : N7000XXKK1


1. Hong Kong-based version of the latest 2.3.6 ROM N7000ZSKK1
2. Deodexed, zipaligned
3. Thin version (few System Apps removed) [If you think that this version is too thin for you, you can add every App you want manually, as they are all additionally contained in the first download package (ROM package).]
4. Added Chinese voice
5. Original Samsung kernel
6. Transparent weather widget
7. Data switch button in pulldown bar
8. Built-in quick restart of the OS
9. Chinese input method
10. Special ringtone as default
11. Percentage battery indicator (accurate to 1%)
12. Removal of 10 contacts limit of short message and SMS being automatically converted to MMS after SMS-length of 4 SMS removed
13. Call log does not show SMS and MMS
14. Desktop icon shadows removed
15. Call recording
16. Calls attribution
17. Integrated latest version of BusyBox
18. Replaced GPS files
19. Pre-Rooted
20. Languages: English (UK), English (US), Chinese

The HK rom is a lean rom, without most of the Samsung apps. However the zip file provides a list of the missing apps in apk format.   So selecting which I need to restore was easy.The screenshot below shows the apps that comes with the rom ( only Titanium Backup was a separate install by me ) . After flashing the HK rom, the yellow triangle during bootup was gone

AFTER Flashing, the CWM is lost. As Chainfire has yet to released a CWM based on KK1 , I decided to flash back netchip CWM not through Odin but using the CWM app

I downloaded separately CWM app zip ; I copy the zip file into my external SD card. I extract the zip file and run the CWM apk file

When I launch the CWM app : the dialog box shows this message : “This version of CWM Manager should be used with CF Root v5.0 or newer. It appears you are running a different kernel. Various features have been disabled.”  Basically there is now no option to do a nandroid backup and restore. I can still use the app to boot into recovery, download mode, reboot and install APK and flash kernel

I extracted the netchip tar file kernel down to a zimage file. I copy the zimage file to internal SD card.

I than use the CWM app to flash the zip image file under ” Flash Kernel”

After reboot, I got back CWM Recovery installed

I will now await Chainfire release of KK1 version of CWM

Update : 15 Nov 2011 – Chainfire has released his CWM for KK1 – updated it using his
With this, I have restored back original Chainfire CWM app


Netchip CWM /Root :

Chainfire CWM :

HK ZSKK1 rom :