Galaxy Nexus : Tweaking it

Posted on January 26, 2012


There are some of the tweaks I have done on my Galaxy nexus:

1. Rooting and have ClockworkMod installed – all easily done using The GNex ToolKit . I have posted this in my earlier blog post

2. Install cooked roms

My first cook rom was Android Revolution HD 2.1.2  . This was based on build 4.0.2 . Installation was easy just using CWM recovery. As this was my first cook rom installation, I selected factory wipe. I also change the kernel to James Bond . This rom is excellent and is very closed to stock rom without any major visual changes. Battery life was good too and performance was smoother and faster than stock rom due to the Device partitions was mounted & formatted as fast EXT4 with many optimizations and EXT4 alignment. I would highly recommend this rom on build 4.0.2 as a starter cook rom to try

My second cook rom was AOPK build 14 , and subsequently follow up with build 15, build 17 and build 20, Milestone 2. In between I also changed the kernels to Apex V5 , Franco build 13  and Imoseyon lean kernel 1.6.4 till 1.7.1 . My kernel preference is now Apex V5 follow by Franco and Imoseyon. Actually the difference between these 3 kernels is not much but I do find battery life seems better on Apex V5.

My next try was bigxie rom and Foxhound . I do not quite like Foxhound as I find it lacking in customization versus Bigxie and AOPK

Though most of the cook rom developers advised us to wipe phone before flashing their roms or upgraded version, I do not follow it. To date I have no problems even installing another developer rom on top of another developer rom without wiping phone. The phone is still performing very stable with no force closure issues. My last rom installed was Bigxie Apex 1.0 on top of AOPK build 20 without wiping the phone

Recently I have been staying on bigxie rom , recently renamed to Apex rom . This rom is equally as good and stable as AOPK but I like his mod on the bottom menu bar where the menu selection is bigger as it replaced the default 3 vertical dots. I could also rearrange the items on the menu bar and assigned it any color. I find it easier to select the menu function. As in AOPK rom, another obvious advantage is when I press down hard on the power button, I have options to reboot, reboot to recovery mode and screenshot selction. Pressing the vol button and power button simultaneously to take a screenshot is just too painful as it takes darn a lot of skill to get it done correctly.

As the default rom and including some cook rom comes with Google Search which cannot be removed and if can be removed the empty space could not be used – I always flash the mod by dmjcnz  after flashing any of the cook roms. Some of the cook roms offer Trebuchet Launcher or Nova Launcher which I do not like. I still prefer the stock launcher but I removed the Google Search bar with this mod. This mod works on both 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 roms. I replaced the Google search bar with the SEARCH selection option at the bottom menu ( offered by AOPK and Bigxie rom)

Another tweak I always do is to replace the cook rom boot animation. Depending on which rom, I use root explorer and browse to either /data/local or /system/media and rename the bootanimation zip. By so doing, the phone will boot with just a simple one word ANDROID animation. Sometimes I replace the bootanimation zip with the actual ICS