Galaxy tab 7.7 : Rooting and installing ClockworkMod Recovery

Posted on January 30, 2012


Rooting the Galaxy tab 7.7 : I used the same method as in the Galaxy Tab 7 plus model

PreRequisites :

– Install the USB Samsung phone drivers through KIES. Download the latest version of KIES HERE . Run the exe file in PC to install
– Download and Install ODIN 1.85 in PC . Download Odin 1.85 from HERE

STEPS to root :

1. Download the file  from HERE
2. Connect Tab to PC. Copy the file to Tab EXTERNAL micro SDCard
3. Switch off the Galaxy Tab 7.7
4. Boot to Recovery mode by holding down Vol UP + Power button simultaneously. Once you see the Galaxy Tab logo, let go the POWER button while still holding down the Vol UP button
5. Select install update from EXTERNAL Storage
6. Browse with vol up/down button and locate  the file and select it with power button
7. Phone will flash the file. When completed phone will reboot
8. Download the apps SUPERUSER from Market and installed it
9. Tab is now rooted


1. Download the recovery tar file P6800_recovery.tar from HERE
2. On PC , make sure KIES is not running.
3. Switch off Tab. Boot into DOWNLOAD mode by simultaneously pressing VOL DOWN and POWER button. You will see this image:

4. Select VOL UP to continue

5. Connect Tab to PC using the USB cable
6. Launch Odin 1.85. Tab will be recognized by PC and you will see the ID:COMM port ( at top left ) turn yellow with a port number

7. SELECT PDA and browse to where you have saved the P6800_Recovery.tar file

8. Press START. Odin will now flash the recovery file. After complete you will see this

The TAB will reboot after you see PASS in the Odin window

To confirm that ClockworkMod is successfully installed, switch off Tab and boot into RECOVERY mode using the Vol UP+Power button
You will see than the ClockworkMod Recovery menu

Now test it out and do a backup of current rom. Use vol button scroll up/down to select Backup/Restore. The Tab will go into backup mode and in about 5-8 minutes time ( depending on how much data you have ) , backup will be completed

Forum XDA links on these :
Root :