Portable external battery chargers for smartphones and tablets

Posted on January 30, 2012


The above are the 2 most commonly used by me to charge my smartphones : Energizer XP4001 and Yoobao YB602

Here are the details of these 2 battery chargers :

ENERGIZER XP4001 : 4000 mAh 

Purchased at Singapore IT Fair for S$ 89 ( about RM 213 ): An expensive charger that is not really worth its price. In Malaysia the retail price is around RM 240

Tech Specs : Input  : DC5V and Output : 1.0A ( 1 USB) , 0.5A ( 2 USB) ; CAPACITY – 4000 mAh

The XP4001 is a flat and rectangular battery (5.2 by 3.2 by .6 inches HWD ) that has great looks. Its unique features are  those rubbery sides which are patterned recessed dots and nice to hold. The device has two USB ports and an AC adapter port on one side and two lights on top ( one to show charging mode and the other battery level left).

You need to press down the first top button to commence charging the smartphone. It will light up for a short while and shuts off after a few seconds.  The first light runs when you’re charging the battery itself; it starts out red, but becomes green when the battery is full. The second light lets you check the battery’s status when you’re running it down, once more giving you either red or green depending on whether it’s running out of juice. The second light however ” broke down” and  failed to work  after a few days usage !!

There are  two USB ports, meaning simultaneously you can charge 2 smartphones at the same time. However power output will be limited to max 0.5A each. Using just one USB port will gives you the max 1A power output.

Performance :

Charging time to full from near empty is about 4 hours
Charging most smartphones ( battery size about 1650-1750 mAh ) : Battery level increased by 25-26 % in 1 hour

The XP4001 requires an external, AC power adapter to charge it.  It also comes with a velvet carrying case and two USB cables to connect it to your smartphone. The cables are short and don’t terminate in standard microUSB ends. Instead, you get six plug-in “tips” that can terminate in microUSB, miniUSB, Apple dock connectors or Nokia, Samsung, or LG older proprietary phone connectors.

Product Specs : http://www.energizerpowerpacks.com/us/products/xp4001/

FAQ on this unit : http://www.energizerpowerpacks.com/us/services/questions-answers.html

YOOBAO  YB602 : 4800 mAh

This is a much better external charger than the Energizer XP4001. It is easy to use . Just plug in and it will charge the smartphone without any need to press any additional buttons. This charger is compact size , rectangular in form and is thicker by 1 cm compared to the Energizer XP4001.  I bought this online from http://www.lelong.com.my  for RM 119 , about half the price compared with the XP4001. The  5 LED lights in front will display at anytime the charge level level in the charger – a very useful feature.

This charger also comes with a set of tips for commonly used smartphones

Capacity light on,it shows how much the capacity is left in power bank YB602.

-capacity 20% ,capacity light 1 ON
-capacity 20% – 40%,capacity light 2 ON
-capacity 40% – 60% ,capacity light 3 ON
-capacity 60% – 80% ,capacity light 4 ON
-capacity 80% – 100% ,capacity light 5 ON

.Red Power indicator light : Device is under charging
.Blue Power indicator light : Device is fully charged

Below are the specifications :

– CAPACITY : 4800 mAh
– Input : 5V 1000 mA ; Output 5.3V – 1000 mA

Performance :

– Charging time from near empty to full – about 4 hours
– Charging most smartphones ( battery size about 1650-1750 mAh ) : Battery level increased by 28 to 30  % in 1 hour

Buying Yoobao external chargers, one need to be extra careful as there are plenty fakes/imitations in the market. Do consult this website to identify the genuine from those imiatation types: http://www.yoobao.com/news.asp?id=134

Some pics top show these 2 chargers charging the Galaxy Nexus : note the size of the chargers relative to the phone


YOOBAO YB 642 : 11200 mAh charger

This charger I used it to charge my Android tablets and ipad2 besides the smartphones. It has 2 USB ports – one at 1A and the other at 2A. The 2A output port is used to charge the tablets
I paid RM 230 for this and purchased it through http://www.lelong.com.my

Yoobao Website : http://www.yoobao.com/