Team Rocket ICS v1.3 beta rom versus Chinese Leak i9220zclp1 on the Galaxy Note

Posted on February 22, 2012


This is a brief comparison between the Chinese ICS leak rom i9220zclp1 which I have posted earlier in my blog and the TeamRocket version 1.3 beta. Overall the Chinese leak rom is a more complete rom with most of  the Samsung apps and Samsung S Pen features. The TeamRocket rom do not have the S Pen functions and S memo apps meaning one cannot use the S Pen for sketching and using it to take screenshots.  However I have installed separately the following 3 apk files to try to have these functions enabled .

The 3 apk files needed are ScreenCapture, SMemo_Chn and SMemoLite. These 3 apks can be downloaded HERE . Unzip the file and just install the 3 apk files manually in any file explorer app. The S memo works and writing/sketching is possible. The screen capture works but the resulting captured image file is a blank image ; so is basically useless

The PHONE app – freeze the phone when you type the 3rd number . I installed an alternative phone app – TouchPal Dialer which works well . Only issue with this dialer app you cannot have video call

This rom comes builtin with SWYPE keyboard

I download from Market and  reinstalled Superuser and Busybox separately to have root features. Restore back of all my apps from Titanium Backup was smoothly done and there was no force closure of apps. So far I noted  using Root Explorer , I cannot make changes/edits to the system files as RW was not allowed. All my commonly used apps – Kaiten Mail, Friendcaster, Tweetcaster, Currents, Boat browser, XScope browser, SMS backup & restore, Titanium Backup,WiFi File Explorer, Camera, gReader Pro, Sygic Aura, Handcent SMS, WhatsApp, Kobo, XDA, QuickOffice, Vital Player, VPlayer , WinAmp, PowerAmp works well without any issues

Similar to the Chinese rom :  lockscreen wallpaper cannot be changed . Calls received will only display the number not the contacts names. Stock video player cannot be used

Overall the TeamRocket rom seems slightly faster. Bootup from phone off  just takes under 30 secs versus close to 3 mins for the Chinese leaked. You will not see the continuous display  of the annoying message ” Android is upgrading ….optimizing application …..” . The message “Android is upgrading ” appears just 1-2 secs only .

Some comparative figures for comparison : I took screenshots but sadly all turned out to be blank images only

AnTuTu Benchmarks : 5719 vs 5458 of the Chinese leak
Quadrant : 3919 vs 3626 of the Chinese leak

NO SOD was noted after a day usage. It is till too early to judge this as I have the SOD happening only on the 5th day of using the Chinese rom

I look forward to Team Rocket working out all the bugs in ver 1.4. I have decided to take the rom down after a day testing mainly due to the S Pen unable to take screenshots. Also the S pen response in writing and sketching was considerably poorer and less sensitive than the Chinese rom

Installing the TeamRocket rom ver 1.3 beta

1. Download the rom from forumXDA 
2. Copy the rom zip file to either phone internal sdcard or external sdcard
3. Boot the phone into Clockworkmod recovery mode
4. Download Abyss kernel and flash the kernel from Recovery . After complete, take out battery and boot back to recovery ( no need to restart the phone )
5. The phone will boot into Hyperdroid Redpill Recovery which is needed to flash the rom zip file. If you use the default CWM recovery, flashing the rom zip will hang at modem stage
6. Clear cache partition, and at advanced clear Dalvik Cache and finally clear data/factory reset
7. Select the rom zip file to flash

The whole process will just take about 6 mins to complete and you will have TeamRocket ICS rom installed

The rom after installed will come with Chainfire CWM recovery. However I failed to backup the rom – tested it 3 times ; in all occasions it was stucked at the ending portion of backing up system. So I have to flash back Abyss kernel to have Hyperdroid Redpill Recovery to do a backup , which went smoothly. Similarly testing recovery back of the backup rom using Chainfire Recovery fail – I have to use Hyperdroid Redpill Recovery to it. In all occasions flashing the Abyss Kernel the phone failed to reboot. I have to take off the battery and using the 3 buttons ( Vol Up+Home+Power ) to manually boot it to recovery mode and flash the rom zip and do the backup and restore.

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