Galaxy Note : Flashing ICS roms and Restoring back to GB and other ICS roms

Posted on April 13, 2012


Restoring back to another ICS rom :

My first posting was to use Abyss Kernel 3.9 but in so doing, you will lose full root.  Now there is another method using Abyss Kernel 4.2 which restore back any ICS roms with full root enabled. So :

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– UPDATED as on 23 Apr 2012 : Restoring back ICS roms using Abyss Kernel 4.2

Older first posting :

This is a TIP to those who wish to flash ICS roms

If you wish to restore back to another ICS rom :

1. You cannot restore it back from default recovery : do not even bother to try
2. Flash Abyss Kernel 3.9 and do not reset phone. At advanced select reboot recovery
3. Wipe data, wipe cache partition and dalvik cache
4. Select restore your previous ICS rom
5. Do not reset phone
6. Select install LP1 kernel , than only reboot phone
7. After reboot, you will lose full root
8. Download Superuser from Market
9. Launch Mobile Odin and flash kernel as LP5

You will get back your ex ICS rom BUT beware you no longer have full root. Full root means you cannot do any editing in system files using root explorer. All other apps that need root will work fine

This is what I have discovered after experimenting with the various ICS roms

If you want full root back, than use Mobile Odin flash the original Chinese leak again and restart your flashing of the ICS roms you need

For the ease of users you can download these kernels from my Box

LP1 kernel: ( flash from recovery mode ) :

LP5 kernel : ( flash using Mobile Odin ) :

Abyss Kernel 3.9 :

Abyss Kernel 4.2 :

Original Chinese ICS LP1 leak :

UPDATED as on 23 Apr 2012 : Restoring back ICS roms using Abyss Kernel 4.2

This update override above as using Abyss 4.2 kernel – you will now have FULL ROOT. Procedures :

1. Download Abyss Kernel 4.2 RedTouch
2. Copy the kernel zip to either internal SDcard or External SDcard
3. Boot to RECOVERY mode ( Press simultaneously Vol Up+home+Power )
4. Select ” install zip from sdcard”  > choose zip from (internal) sdcard > AbyssNotekernel42RedTouchOriginalLogo > Yes – Install AbyssNotekernel42RedTouchOriginalLogo
5. DO NOT select reset. Go back to Advanced menu > Reboot Recovery : you will now be at Abyss 4.2 Hyperdroid Redpill Recovery mode
6. Select Nandroid menu > Restore > Choose the ICS backup you want to restore
7. Wait until the restore is complete
8. Select Reboot menu > Reboot System
Your previous ICS rom is now fully restored with full root

RESTORING back to Gingerbread rom

1. At recovery mode , flash Abyss Kernel 3.9
2. Do not reset phone . At advanced select reboot recovery
3.Wipe data, wipe cache partition and dalvik cache
4. Select restore and choose your backup GB rom to restore
5. After restore complete, select reset phone


All ICS backups should be done using the default recovery that comes with the ICS roms. NEVER use any Abyss kernel to backup any of these ICS roms