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Mid 2011 MacBook Air versus late 2010 MacBook Air

January 30, 2012


MBA 13.3″ Mid 2011 MBA 11.6 ” Late 2010 The mid to late 2011 MBA is a higher specs model in everything from  a 13.3″ screen and a  1.8 Ghz  Core i7 processor  (4GB ram, 256 GB disk space ) versus the older 11.6 ” screen and 1.4 Ghz ( 2 GB ram, 128 disk […]

TRIM Enabler on the latest 2011 MacBook AIR

March 30, 2011


If you own the latest MacBook Air which comes with SSD drives, these tweaks could make the SSD drives run faster. The performance of the SSD is already awesome. I have mentioned this in my review of the latest MBA in my previous post. But human nature being greedy , we always wish to improve […]

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro 13″ Feb 2011 release ( Model MC700 & MC 724 )

February 27, 2011


On 24 Feb, Apple released its latest range of the MacBook Pro. I have always being interested in this range especially the 13″ models. The higher end models of 15″ and 17″ I find is more suitable for professional and high end users who demands higher computing power. The 13″ model is suitable for most […]

3 days more to the new line of 2011’s MacBook Pro ??

February 21, 2011


The present range of Apple’s MacBook Pro  ( with its Intel iCore i5 and i7 processors )  hasn’t been updated since April 2010.  Sice the beginning of thios week, rumors abound on the web of an impending release of the new range based on Intel Sandy Bridge processors. The rumored date of release is 24 […]

MacBook Air (Oct 2010 models) firmware update

December 11, 2010


I was checking “Software Update” on my MacBook Air and was pleasantly suprised there was a firmware update. The EFI firmware update was issued yesterday for the latest  11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models. It addresses several issues especially on display problems, kernel panics, and other issues. The new update, known as MacBook Air EFI […]

MacBook Air 11.6″ ( 2010 model ) – My impressions and brief review

November 17, 2010


This is my impression and a brief layman’s review of Apple’s latest MacBook Air ( Model MC506LL/A ).  This is the 11.6” model with 2 GB ram and a 128 GB SSD . I will make some comparisons with my previous owned 2009 1.86 Ghz model. On 20 Oct during its launch, Apple CEO’s Steve […]

New MacBook AIR reviews and benchmarks ( Models 13.3″ MC503, 504 and 11.6″ MC505,506 series )

October 27, 2010


Even though the  new MacBook Air uses the aging Intel Core 2 Duo processor, MacWorld benchmark testings had shown that the new models outperform the old models.  The overall performance benchmark test suite shows impressive results for drive-intensive tests and much-improved 3D game performance. And surprisingly, despite slower clock speeds, processor performance also improved over […]