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Portable external battery chargers for smartphones and tablets

January 30, 2012


The above are the 2 most commonly used by me to charge my smartphones : Energizer XP4001 and Yoobao YB602 Here are the details of these 2 battery chargers : ENERGIZER XP4001 : 4000 mAh  Purchased at Singapore IT Fair for S$ 89 ( about RM 213 ): An expensive charger that is not really […]

Mid 2011 MacBook Air versus late 2010 MacBook Air

January 30, 2012


MBA 13.3″ Mid 2011 MBA 11.6 ” Late 2010 The mid to late 2011 MBA is a higher specs model in everything from  a 13.3″ screen and a  1.8 Ghz  Core i7 processor  (4GB ram, 256 GB disk space ) versus the older 11.6 ” screen and 1.4 Ghz ( 2 GB ram, 128 disk […]

3 days more to the new line of 2011’s MacBook Pro ??

February 21, 2011


The present range of Apple’s MacBook Pro  ( with its Intel iCore i5 and i7 processors )  hasn’t been updated since April 2010.  Sice the beginning of thios week, rumors abound on the web of an impending release of the new range based on Intel Sandy Bridge processors. The rumored date of release is 24 […]

Acer join the tablets war with its 4.8″, 7″ and 10″ Android models

November 24, 2010


At the ACER Press Event in New York on 23 November, Acer announced and shown its tablets which is expected to be available by April 2011. It is still 5 months away and I would think by the time it is released , at least the software /firmware would be a upgraded version of what […]

New iPAD ( 2011 model ) by March 2011

November 20, 2010


News and rumors of the new iPad featuring a 7″ screen was squashed by Steve Jobs during the press conference on Apple’s Q4 results. Jobs criticized the 7″ tablet size offered by its competitors  saying that it was too small to be a viable product. He said such 7″ are  “useless” and “dead on arrival”. […]

MacBook Air 11.6″ ( 2010 model ) – My impressions and brief review

November 17, 2010


This is my impression and a brief layman’s review of Apple’s latest MacBook Air ( Model MC506LL/A ).  This is the 11.6” model with 2 GB ram and a 128 GB SSD . I will make some comparisons with my previous owned 2009 1.86 Ghz model. On 20 Oct during its launch, Apple CEO’s Steve […]

Google: ‘Android not optimised for tablets yet’

September 10, 2010


Google has stated that it currently isn’t using Android on any tablets, hinting that it will have a tablet-centric OS soon. Although Gingerbread and Honeycomb have been strongly tipped to be tablet-friendly versions of Android, this is the first time Google has confirmed Froyo isn’t a platform for iPad rivals. While some will point to […]

Onslaught of Android Tablets challenging Apple’s iPad

September 5, 2010


The IFA show had revealed several Android tablets which many viewed it as a challenger to Apple’s iPad. We now have Android tablets with screen sizes ranging from 4.3 inch to 10 inch. Buyers are now spoilt for choice. Will these tablets make any headway against Apple iPad ? At least in the next 6 […]

iPAD : iOS 4.2 Firmware Updates – will it make iPad better ?

September 5, 2010


On 1 Sep at the Apple’s event held at San Fransisco, Steve Job announced a firmware update ver 4.2 for the iPad by November. Apple’s website has now post more details and will it be a welcomed update ?  Most Apple Diehards will attest to this even before seeing and experiencing  it , as anything […]

DUAL Boot Windows-Android Tablet PC launching in September

August 30, 2010


Leaks of Android-powered tablets slated to debut at an overseas trade show early next month abound in the blogosphere this week, with a dual-boot Anroid-Windows tablet from ViewSonic generating the most buzz. ViewSonic is gearing up to introduce two Android tablets at IFA, the international tech conference being held in Berlin Sept. 3 to 8, according […]