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Malaysia 4 Change : A must watch video for ALL Malaysians

September 14, 2010


Whether you are a politician ( Barisan or Opposition or Independent ), a working man, university student or  housewife, the video below is a MUST SEE . You do not have to believe or accept everything that is detailed in the video. After watching it, just ask yourself whether Najib 1Malaysia and the New Economic […]

Bloomberg Business Week 10 Sep Edition : Malaysia Tries to Curb Its Pro-Malay Policies

September 11, 2010


Bloomberg Business Week 10 Sep Edition : Malaysia Tries to Curb Its Pro-Malay Policies. The writer failed to mentioned that Najib 1Malaysia’s concept is meant to be the backbone of his affirmative changes policy. To date it is obvious Najib’s vision of 1Malaysia is just a public relations disaster  . Najib’s flip-flop style and his […]

Nazri said supporters of Perkasa are UMNO’s rejects

September 11, 2010


On 9 Sep, UMNO secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor told secretaries-general of BN component parties that Umno would not back Perkasa or its president, Datuk Ibrahim Ali. He said any move to support Perkasa or its stand would only erode BN support among non-Malays. Tengku Adnan, who chaired the meeting  said the BN leaders […]

IGP Musa contract termination – Raja Petra’s analysis

September 10, 2010


Read this with a Coca-Cola , add in a pinch of salt for added flavor and a possible stimulant. Raja Petra , now exiled and residing  in London has offered his opinion and analysis of IGP Musa Hassan contract’s termination. This guy has a flair for telling stories;  how far true it is we will […]

Non-Muslim in Mosque – interpretation by Prof Dr Mohamad Tajuddin

September 7, 2010


I wish to comment on the latest ‘incident’ of certain Malay group’s criticism of the MP Teo Nie Ching’s presence in a surau in Kajang. There are certain Malays who are bent on ‘racialising’ Islam and making what is usually a Malay custom or belief be part of the Islamic tradition. In this case, many […]

MUHYIDDIN Yasin – a typical fork-tongue Minister

September 3, 2010


On Sep 2, DPM Muhyiddin  comments on NameWee Youtube clearly shows his double standards in handling racial issues in the country. It is consistent with his approach that there is one set of conduct for the Malays and another set of for the non- Malays. This is what he said : “Even though previously there […]

NEP and the Chinese success – the UMNO connection ?

August 15, 2010


From Zaid Ibrahim blog : The success stories  of the Chinese under NEP  are plentiful and are well known. NEP for this purpose means hugely lucrative patronage  preference system. As the Prime Minister’s brother Nazir Razak himself says, the NEP has become bastardised. What he doesn’t say explicitly is that the NEP, which was set […]