Galaxy Tab 7.7 : Upgrading from HoneyComb 3.2 to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4

August 28, 2012


This tutorial guide is written for completely new users. It is a fully illustrated step by step guide. Just follow the steps strictly and you will find it is not a difficult task to upgrade your Tab 7.7 to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 rom. It is indeed sad that Samsung takes their own […]

How to backup your Android phone ?

August 27, 2012


How to backup your Android phone ?  This is a commonly asked question among all new Android users. Here I’d just like to post some simple guidelines. Answering such questions at the various forums can be tiring and I hope this post will be of  help to such new users For a NON Rooted phone […]

3 more days to Galaxy Note 2 launch

August 27, 2012


As of June 2012, the current Galaxy Note has sold 7 million units. Samsung is targeting a 10 million sale units  by year end. These sales figures are impressive consideringthis is a bigger than normal size phone. With a display size of 5.3 inch, it is still the biggest smartphone in the market. However skepticism of its […]

Comparison : Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 7.7

August 27, 2012


This is my layman’s comparison review between the Google Nexus 7 ( N7) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 ( GT77). The N7 is Google’s first entry into the competitive tablet market and is meant to be a budget tablet and a potential first buy to new tablet users. Infact Google claim it is not making […]

Galaxy S III : very light rom HyperGalaxy 0.1beta tested

June 7, 2012


Just have a brief testing of the latest extremely light rom , HyperGalaxy v0.1 beta. The download is only 230 MB compared to 740 MB of the first supposedly rom devoid of Samsung bloatware Omega V3.0. The developer has removed practically all the Samsung apps plus many others and has replaced several apps with AOPK […]

GALAXY S III : Omega V3.0 Custom rom installation

June 5, 2012


Omega v3.0 dated 2/Jun :  This is one of the first available custom rom available for the Galaxy S III.                                         Performance wise – it is only very slight slicker and smoother than the stock rom. […]

Galaxy S III : Rooting and installing ClockworkMod Recovery

June 3, 2012


This is a simple illustrated guide to show how to root your Galaxy S III  and have CWM ( ClockworkMod Recovery ) installed. Rooting your phone will void warranty. It is a very safe process and the chance you will brick your phone is close to zero. The process essentially is 2 steps : 1. […]