Rooting n CWM on Galaxy Note and Flashing ICS Stunner rom

Posted on April 21, 2012


This is a guide to show how to root your Galaxy Note and have CWM ( ClockworkMod Recovery ) installed. Thereafter use CWM to flash the latest ICS Stunner rom 1.4.19

Prerequisites : Have these installed in PC first

1. Samsung USB Phone drivers – necessary so that PC can detect the G Note. Download this from my box:

2. ODIN 1.8.5 : this is necessary to use in PC to flash any rom ( in tar format ) . Download this from my box :

Since you plan to flash ICS Stunner rom, you need to start with a full rooted Gingerbread rom. It doesn’t matter what rom version your Note is now on. The easiest is to use Odin in PC to flash a PRE-ROOTED Gingerbread rom. These roms after flashed will comes rooted with app Superuser available. You can download any of these roms from the XDA website:

I will use India’s rom N7000DDLB2_N7000ODDLA1_INU as an example. Download this rom zip and extract it in PC so that you will get its tar format : Rooted_Stock_Odex_N7000DDLB2.tar.md5. Copy this tar file to any convenient folder in your PC

Download a matching kernel file from Chainfire thread at XDA : . The rom kernel version is identified by the RED alphabets.  In this case I select the closest Extract this zip file in PC until you get the zimage file. Copy this zimage file to either the root of phone internal SDcard or root of external microSDcard

These are the steps to flash this pre-rooted rom :

1. Boot phone into DOWNLOAD mode : Press simultaneously Vol Down + Home+ Power buttons. Select Vol UP to have phone into DOWNLOADING…. mode

  • In PC, launch Odin 1.85 . You will see the Odin flash window. Connect phone to PC. IF phone is successfully detected, you will see a COM number in the yellow box at the left hand top side. Select PDA and browse to where you have kept the rom tar file. Select it and press START. The whole flash process will take under 2 mins to complete and allow the phone to auto reboot  once you see PASS in the dialog window. The reboot will take about 2-3 mins to complete. Your phone is now flashed with LB2 rom and is now prerooted. Verify it by checking whether the app Superuser is in the menu
  • Now register your G Mail account and download and install MOBILE ODIN lite ( or Pro) from Market/Playstore
  • Launch Mobile Odin. There will be a short process to verify SuperUser access. Tap on KERNEL and select  where you have earlier copy the zimage file
  • Select flash firmware and select reset phone when flashing process is completed. Your NOTE is now rooted and have ClockworkMOd Recovery ( CWM) installed. You will see a CWM app in the menu











FLASHING ICS Stunner 1.4.19 rom

OPTIONAL : First flash the Chinese LP1 repack using Mobile Odin

This step is optional. Entirely up to you. I would recommend it as it just takes a few minutes to flash only. This is to ensure that you will get FULL ROOT as some users has reported getting only partial root without going through this step.

Download the Chinese LP1 repack HERE . Extract it first in PC to verify it is a good download. Copy the original rom tar file  to phone Internal SDcard or Ext Sdcard.

Launch Mobile Odin in phone. Select ” Open file..” Choose either Internal SD card or External SDcard. Select the tar file ” I9220LP1-N7000-ICS-REPACK.tar” and than select flash firmware. The phone after flash will boot back to Recovery Mode. Select reset phone. You will need to restart phone again if you just see phone with a black screen after reboot. Your phone is now flashed with the original Chinese ICS leak rom













1. Download the Stunner 1.4.19 rom zip file from HERE or any of the mirror links ( see below ). Test the rom download is a good download by extracting it in PC. Copy the original rom zip file to phone internal SDcard or external micro SDcard

2. Boot phone into RECOVERY mode : Either by selecting the CWM app or Manually simultaneously press Vol UP+Home+Power buttons. You will see the RECOVERY menu

Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Follow by wiping Cache partition and at Advanced , select Wipe Dalvik cache. Select Go Back and select “Install zip from sdcard” – choose your location whether it is in sdcard ( external )  or internal SD card  ( where you have copy the Stunner rom file ).













Select “Yes – Install ICS_ Stunner” . After flash complete, Go Back and select Reboot system. The rebooting will take about 3 mins to complete

After successfull reboot , flash either LP5 or LP6 modem. Download these modem zip file and copy it to either phone internal SDcard or ext SDCard.  Boot to RECOVERY mode and just select Install zip from SDcard .  These modems can be download at my box:

LP5 modem :

LP6 modem :

Your NOTE is now flashed with the latest ICS Stunner 1.4.19 rom and LP6 modem




















Forum XDA Link :

Stunner Roms download mirrors :

CHINESE LP1 leak repack mirrors :