Galaxy S III : very light rom HyperGalaxy 0.1beta tested

Posted on June 7, 2012


Just have a brief testing of the latest extremely light rom , HyperGalaxy v0.1 beta. The download is only 230 MB compared to 740 MB of the first supposedly rom devoid of Samsung bloatware Omega V3.0. The developer has removed practically all the Samsung apps plus many others and has replaced several apps with AOPK versions . Quoting him :

  • Based on ZSALED firmware, build no. 570657
  • Stripped away as much Samsung apps as possible, while keeping functionality
  • Removed all apps except:
    • Camera, Contacts, Dialer
  • Replaced apps :
    • Browser (AOKP b38)
    • Calculator (AOKP b38)
    • Calendar (AOKP b38)
    • Clock (AOKP b38)
    • Email (AOKP b38)
    • File Manager (CM9)
    • Gallery (AOKP b38)
    • Messaging (AOKP b38)
    • Google Play Music 4.1.513
    • Google Play Store 3.5.19
    • Superuser (AOKP b38)





















I have posted before about the Omega V3.0 rom and the installation process of this HyperGalaxy rom is similar . I chose to wipe data and all caches at recovery when installing it. Installation and final reboot just took under 3 minutes to complete

Missing apps : G Mail, Maps, YouTube – I downloaded it from Playstore

Following apps I restore it back from my Titanium Backup : SMemo, S Voice

I took about another 10 mins to restore back my other 100+ apps from my Titanium Backup

I noted that I was unable to change the lockscreen wallpaper as this feature was disabled. I have to flash another zip file through recovery mode to reenabled back this feature: found in post # 29 of the thread

Overall the rom is now very much more responsive and slicker than the stock rom. The developer claim it will also gives much improved battery performance

ROM screenshots :

Homescreens : Only two. The rom now boots up with default APEX launcher. I replaced it with the similar NOVA launcher instead









































Apps drawers : Only one





















Widgets : Only 4 pages versus 8 pages in Omega V3.0 rom