Galaxy Tab 7.7 : Upgrading from HoneyComb 3.2 to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4

Posted on August 28, 2012


This tutorial guide is written for completely new users. It is a fully illustrated step by step guide. Just follow the steps strictly and you will find it is not a difficult task to upgrade your Tab 7.7 to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 rom. It is indeed sad that Samsung takes their own sweet time to release their latest official rom to the rest of the world. This rom upgrade is based on recent official release to Hong Kong users and it will work without any issues on any Tab 7.7 ( model P6800, with 3G/WiFi) irrespective of origin.


Galaxy Tab 7.7 , model P6800m ( 3G/WiFi ) : MAKE SURE it is at least 50% battery charge – preferably 70% and above

Windows XP or Windows 7 PC

You need to download first the following software

1. KIES 2.0 from :

Run the exe file ( Kies_2.3.2.12074_13_13.exe , a 90MB file ) to install the Samsung USB phone drivers on your PC

2. Download the HK ICS rom file from here :

The file name is ( 592 MB file). Extract the downloaded zip file in your PC to get the tar format file : P6800OZSLP7_P6800ZSLP7_HOME.tar.md5 ( 889 MB)

Copy this tar file to any location/or folder  in your PC

3. Download ODIN 1.85 from HERE . Copy this file to your PC and run the exe file to get the Odin 1.85 exe file. This file is needed to launch the Odin flashing program

STEPS to flash rom :

Test PC connection to tab : Connect Tab to PC and allow auto detect and install of drivers. Do this only after you have install KIES. Shutdown KIES in PC and turn off all anti virus software

Once successfully detected, disconnect Tab and switched it off. Boot Tab to DOWNLOAD mode by simultaneously pressing VOL DOWN and POWER button. You will see this image:

Select VOL UP to continue and you will see :











Connect Tab to PC using the USB cable

Launch Odin 1.85. Tab will be recognised by PC and you will see the ID:COMM port ( at top left ) turn yellow with a port number. Your port number might differ from below screenshot

SELECT PDA and browse to where you have saved the file : P6800OZSLP7_P6800ZSLP7_HOME.tar.md5 – select it. ( the shot below shows another file just as an example only)

Press START. Odin will now flash the recovery file. After complete you will see this

The TAB will reboot after you see PASS in the Odin window

CONGRATS – you have just completed flashing the latest ICS rom on your Tab 7.7. The reboot time could take up to 5-8 mins – just be patient and wait for it to reboot successfully

LAST POINT : It’d be good practice to backup your stuffs before flashing

Refer my post on how to do backups :

If you wish to ROOT and have CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY installed refer my blog post here :