Google Maps Voice Assisted Navigation ver 6.11.1 worldwide

Posted on September 8, 2012


Google Maps Navigation is an Internet-connected GPS navigation system that provides turn-by-turn voice-guided driving directions as a free feature of Google Maps for mobile on smartphones running Android version 2.2 or later. As a part of the Google Maps for mobile application, Google Maps Navigation automatically accesses the latest information about roads and points of interest from Google’s online mapping services without the need for any manual data updates. However this navigation function is restricted to certain countries only due to licensing and regulatory restrictions.

On November 4, 2009, Google Maps Navigation was released in conjunction with Google Android OS 2.0 Eclair , adding voice commands, traffic reports, and street view support.  The initial release was limited to the United States.  The service was launched in the UK on 20 April 2010 and in large parts of continental Europe on June 9, 2010 (including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland).

Google Maps Navigation takes advantage of long-standing features of Google Maps for mobile. These features include powerful Google search and voice search capabilities, which allow users to find local destinations by typing or speaking an address or business name.

Initially, voice search is only available in English. Google’s search tools simplify the process of navigation by assisting the user in intelligent ways – for example, misspelled or ambiguous queries are corrected and clarified, without requiring the user to enter an exact address – and quickly calculating the optimal route from origin to destination.

Users can check the traffic conditions by enabling the ‘Traffic’ layer on (for desktop browsers) or in Google Maps for mobile (on their smartphones).

This map is for countries  that cannot use navigation on google map. It has now been hacked and can be used by any country now.

This solution is ONLY for ROOTED Android phones

Download the hacked map ownhere 6.11.1 from HERE and copy it to any folder in your phone

Google Maps for Android with Navigation (Beta) has:

* Detailed maps with 3D buildings
* Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation
* Driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions
* Live traffic information to avoid congestion
* Local search and business reviews
* Google Maps Street View
* Indoor maps for select airports, hotels, retail stores, and more

STEPS to install 

  • 1. In Titanium Backup, select Maps and make a backup.
  • 2. Select Maps and wipe data, then uninstall.
  • 3. Select Street View and wipe data, then uninstall.
  • 4. Locate the downloaded map apk file “maps6.11.1 ownhere_signed.apk”  in phone and install it
  • 5. Go to Playstore/Market , and reinstall ” Street View for Google Maps”

You  now have voice assisted navigation on the latest Google Maps