Flashing pre rooted ICS official rom ( German build ) on Galaxy Note N7000

Posted on May 11, 2012


I did a test install of the prerooted German ICS rom using Odin in PC
The rom can be downloaded from here :

If you read this thread, apparently several issues experienced by different users – flashing got stuck midway, phone cannot boot, root is not available after flash

This is my experience : successfully flash with FULL root obtained. NO yellow triangle in bootup

Odin Flashing – took me 13 mins ( longest period I have ever experienced in using Odin in PC ). FactoryFS stage took 3 mins while Cache, Hidden ,Modem took another 10 mins













Booting up : the installation bar seems stuck for about 5 mins without any progress. I took a risk and take off battery and switch on phone. It boot back to the quarter mark stage and still show phone is stuck installing. Took off battery gain and attempt to boot to recovery mode – recovery mode not found and phone boot back to stuck install stage. Took out battery again and switch on, finally phone complete install in 3 mins

Phone boot up successfully and hung at Samsung logo for more than 10 mins
I suspect is due to the flashing did not wipe data . So I switch off phone, boot to stock recovery mode and select wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition. Phone finally successfully boot into the ICS rom in another 3 mins
Tested superuser with Titanium Backup, Root explorer and finally Mobile Odin – works perfectly
Than I use Mobile Odin to flash CF root LYP kernel to get clockworkmod recovery. Tested and CWM successfully installed

Hope this will guide any potential users who wish to flash this pre rooted German ICS rom. Point is DON’T PANIC if you get stuck

My previous post on flashing the official German build using Mobile Odin :